Quick. Add new To Dos with no friction.
Tiny. Save your screen space for your work.
Beautiful. Three styles for you to choose from.
Todolicious is a sexy, digital version of the classic sticky notes.
If you find yourself overwhelmed by complex task management systems, Todolicious might be just the thing for you.
No priority settings, no dates, no tags, no organisation (and I say all of this as a good thing).

Mustacheware was formed in 2010 to create the greatest software in the world, powered by mustaches. Founded in San Francisco, CA by Steve Streza, Mustacheware builds beautiful, well-designed apps for the Mac, iOS, and web platforms.

Their first app, Swearch, has been used worldwide by over 100,000 people. It has been praised as being one of the best web apps on the iPhone. With Todolicious, Mustacheware is hoping for global domination (finally!).